• May I cancel my reservation? If I cancel my reservation, will cancellation fee occur?

    You can cancel your reservation up to the day before use. If you would like to cancel your reservation, please write about cancellation in “confirmation mail”, and reply.
    When you arrive “cancellation reception mail” from StrollerTrip, cancel procedure is terminated.
    If you cancel your reservation until the day before use, cancel fee does not occur.

  • May I cancel my reservation the day?

    You can cancel your reservation the day. If you cancel your reservation, please contact with StrollerTrip by phone.
    If you cancel and do not show your reservation without any contacts for StrollerTrip, StrollerTrip charges you full amount as penalty.

  • May I modify my reservation?

    You can change your reservation by StrollerTrip mail. If you would like to modify your reservation, please write change details in confirmation mail and reply.
    Please note that we are not unable provide counterpart vehicles.

  • May I borrow rain cover things?

    We lend these things for free, if you would like to use, please offer at rental application.

  • What is the necessary on the day

    We request you show your identifications (passport and driving license card) for us.

  • What should I do if I have an accident?

    If you have an accident, you should call police, emergency contact and follow its instruction aid the injured person.
    (Emergency contact is written in confirmation mail)

  • What should I do if I cannot return stroller to the place where I planned first.

    If you cannot return the stroller in the case of an accident and injure, we charge you the collecting fees. Collecting fee (within 3km) is 3,240 yen.
    Collecting fee (longer than 3km) is added 540 yen per 1km.

  • Would you keep my baggage until the end of the service time?

    When we meet you to lend the stroller, you can keep your baggage.

  • What brands of the credit card I can pay?

    You can use these brands credit cards following brands.

  • May I extend of service?

    When you need to extend of the service, you should call StrollerTrip office.

  • What should I do if I cannot return the stroller until the end time of the service.

    If you are hard to return the stroller until the end of service, you should call StrollerTrip and follow its instructions.

  • What should I do if stroller has breakdown?

    In the case of breakdown in use, please repair your actual expense.
    If a breakdown is confirmed at the end of return, StrollerTrip charges you a repair cost.